How do I start a small dairy farm?


Simple tips to start a small dairy farm are:

  • Research the species and get the best breeds for the farm.
  • Always have a good feed source arranged for the animals before setting up the farm.
  • Outline a breeding plan for the animals.
  • Get clear understanding of the farming practices.
  • Invest wisely for the facilities of the farm.
  • Always buy dairy animals from a trusted source.
  • It is good to have thorough knowledge of the local milk market.
  • Contact the government for permissions and other requirements.
  • Control the spread of diseases in the farm.
  • Provide good feed for the animals.
  • Milk the animals timely.
  • Change the herd during certain intervals of time.
  • Draw a clear business plan before implementing it.
Starting a Dairy Farm.

Starting a Dairy Farm.

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