How is catfish farming done?


Catfish farming starts with the selection of species and the mating of quality brood stock. A brood fish will lay 3000-4000 eggs per pound of body weight over and average time of 12 years. The eggs which are fertilized are collected and placed in controlled hatchery tanks. After seven days at a temperature of 78 degrees F, the eggs hatch. The young fish are called as Sac fry.and they live on the food supplied by the yolk sacs.

When the yolk is all used by the sac fry, the young fish start swimming and they are moved to a special pond where they grow into fingerlings. At 4-6 inches in length, they will be transferred to catfish ponds  in an approximate ratio of 4,500 per surface acre of water.

Catfish Farming.

Catfish Farming.

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