How much does a fish pond cost?


The cost fish pond depends on many factors such as location, labor cost, material cost of particular country. The rough estimate of fish pond construction in India is:

  • The cost for constructing the pond, water supply channel, installation of Tube well is about 30k-40k Rupees.
  • For electricity, it costs 17, 500
  • 250 kg of small lime costs 1200 Rupees
  • 20,000 fish seeds cost 1500 Rupees
  • White organic fertilizer costs 10000 Rupees
  • Inorganic fertilizer costs 5000 Rupees
  • For fishing, medicine, watch and ward costs 10000/-
  • Supplementary feed cost is 30000/-
  • On the whole, the total expenditure to Start a Fish Farming business would be 1,06,000/- approximately.
  • Sometimes, depending on the market demand in your area, your investment may have to increase up to 1,50,000/-
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