How often do you feed fishes in a pond?


Selecting what and how often you need to feed your fish depends on the temperature of water. In warmer water(60-85 degrees) the metabolism of the fish is high and they can be fed 2-4 times a day. If the temperature raises to 90 degrees or above, you should stop feeding. More food is required in warm water than in the cold water. So you need to adjust the feeding as per the temperature.

Before deciding about how frequently you should feed your fish, you have to make a note of the following points.

  1. If the fish is smaller, they should be fed frequently.
  2. Dry feeds would be better to feed than the feeds which are moist.
  3. We should make sure that no more than 3% of the total fish weight should be distributed.
  4. The frequency of the feeding should be reduced when the water temperature cools down.
  5. It also depends on the fish species you choose. For tilapias, frequent feed with very small amount works out well.
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