How to cultivate Green fodder for the Murrah Buffalo dairy farm?


For example, if you consider 30 buffaloes, it is important that you are cultivating the grass in 4 acres of green grass. If you provide a good water source for irrigation, then 3.5 acres will be sufficient. Actually, each Murrah buffalo needs 25 kg of green grass per day, which is proportional to 750 kg of grass per day for 30 buffaloes. In the span of a year, you need 270 tons of grass (750 kg x 365 days). It is important that you are selecting the right type of fodder variety. It would be better if you go for a mix of APBN or C04 or C05 in 2 acres. ABPN/CO4/CO5 are propagated through slips and there would be no seeds for this.

They intend to produce 80 to 90 tons of grass per acre in a year. The second variety can be multi-cut sorghum (COFS29 or COFS31) in an area of 1 acre. These are propagated through seeds and can still last for 3 years and generate 70 to 80 tons per year. The variety can be a high protein variety like Hedge Lucerne, which is propagated through seeds can generate 50 to 60 tons per year. Grass cultivation should be done 60 to 70 days before the animals arrive at the farm. So this work should be done parallel to construction work.

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