How to Develop a physical plan for the farm on how to include the milking and grazing infrastructure, animal housing and slurry storage?


(a)  You should decide on the number of cows that will be milked depending on the size of the farm and the potential of grass growth of the farm.

(b) You need to design a milking facility, winter housing facility and grazing infrastructure which are appropriate to the number of cows planned and the farm size.

(c)  It is important to have an operational plan for the farm considering the facts like who will take care of the work and who will manage it

(d)  You can add up, at least 15% of the capital budget for unforeseen costs.

(e) You need to take a decision on how the development costs will be funded; how much equity is available from the sale of existing stock/assets; how much has to be borrowed. Make sure that there is an adequate working capital available to start up the operation of the farm.

Dairy Animal.

Dairy Animal.


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