How to maintain hygiene in milking in dairy farming?

  • Milking is the main activity of dairy farming. Consumers usually demand high standards of milk quality, so the main aim of milking management is to minimize microbial, chemical and physical contamination of milk. Management of milking covers all the aspects of the process of obtaining milk from animals easily, quickly and effectively. This is done with the assurance of the health of animals and the quality of the milk.
  • Daily implementation of milking procedures should be consistent and is an important part of good dairy farming practice for milking.
  • The fact sheet of milking hygiene describes practices that ensure milk is harvested and stored under hygienic conditions, and also about the equipment used to harvest and maintaining the stored milk. The suggested good dairy farming practices for milking hygiene are:
  • Make sure that the milking routines do not injure the animals or introduce contaminants into the milk, by checking if the milking is carried out under hygienic conditions and is handled properly after milking is done in the dairy farm.
Dairy Cow.

Dairy Cow.

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