How to manage rice-fish culture?


Wild fishes can be encouraged to enter the rice fields by having entrances to the fields open. The fish can also be attracted by keeping branches in the field which provide shelter for the fish. Buffalo and cow skin will attract catfish and eels. The wild wishes can be harvested from rice fields and this can be done by netting, hooking, trapping, throwing nets or by Draining the field.

Farmers can invest in the fish stock when the water sources are secure and the risk of flooding is low. Fishes can be stocked at rates of 0.25-1 fish/sq. Mt. Predatory fish, mainly snake head should be absent from the system when fish seed is introduces. If you are economic, you can supply feed supplements such as duckweed, termites, earthworms, and rice bran. The harvesting methods similar as that of rice can be used.

Flood control can be difficult in rainfed rice systems. In such fields, there is a chanced for the stocked fish to escape due to floods in the field. The rice fields which are deepened in fish culture may result in less growing of rice. Water control is the crucial part of rice-fish farming because rice fields cannot be allowed to dry up while fish stocks are present.

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