How to manage supplementation of grass in spring season for dairy farming?

  • Supplementation rates will be estimated by the production levels of the cow and the availability of grass in the dairy farm• Grass budgeting is an important decision support tool in deciding on a supplementation strategy.
  • Supplementation required = Cow requirements for energy – grass energy intake.
  • 6-8 weeks after calving, feed concentrates of 13kg DM of grass and 3.5 kg will deliver a maximum yield of 1.8 -1.9 kg milk solids (28 litres/6 gallons). If there is less grass available, then there is a requirement for more supplements. If the output is less, then supplementation rates will be decreased. As the capacity of the intake raises, the cow will gradually reach its highest intake of 16-18 kg of grass dry matter.
  • If there is an increase of digestibility by 1%, then there will be an increase in intake of dry matter by 0.3-0.4kg DM and milk yield will be increased by 0.25 litres.
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Dairy Business.

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