How to raise fish in a barrel?


#1. You would need a container for your fish in order to have a simple aquaponic system. You can prefer a fish tank, aquarium, a barrel, a tub or any other thing which would handle water safely. You need to also have few trays to grow in a system which is soilless.  You also need tubes and pumps for getting a flow of water and some initial inputs such as juvenile fish, starter plants, feed for the fish to start the system.

#2. The idea of the Aquaponic farming system is to keep fish in a container and circulate water throughout the system. You need to have tubes arranged to allow a constant flow of water. In this way, the waste from the water tank can be used as input for the plants and this water will be filtered by the plants. The plants should be kept on top of the fish barrels in little cups. The water, which contains nutrients flows through the roots of plants above water for a certain amount of time depending on the stage of growth of the plant.

#3. You will need two 50 gallon drums. Then, add some gravel and water to the bottom of the barren, and add few juvenile fish.

#4. It is very important to raise both fish and plants together because this would be the best way to get the fresh and organically grown fish and veggies at home. This system can also be turned into a home based mini farm.

#5. Once this integrated system starts developing, it is your turn to determine at what scale you are turning this into a profitable business. The reason behind this is that there are many families these days who are getting involved in urban farming than ever before.

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