How to raise fish in the backyard of our home?


There are four important ways to raise fish in your backyard. You can raise them in a farm pond, backyard Koi pond, a swimming pool or you can choose an in depth way of Aquaponics.

You need to create your own ecosystem to feed your fish.

#1. Whatever means you are using, whether it is a Koi pond or swimming pool, you will need to fill it with water. Once the water is filled in the pool or pond, you have to leave it untreated by not adding any chlorine or any other chemicals that you might use to keep the water clean.

#2. You will need to add whatever fish you chose to raise in your water. You have to start feeding the fish otherwise they won’t have any ecosystem to depend upon. However, over time the fish die and you need to leave them there because this helps to build the ecosystem.

#3. You will need to add urine and other feeder organisms which will add to the ecosystem and help you everything clear for the fish. There are a wide variety of filter feeder organisms that are available  and it is you who have to decide which would be the easiest one to purchase in your area.

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