What are the advantages and disadvantages of broiler farming?


Advantages of Broiler farming:

  • The Rearing period of the broilers will last up to a maximum of 6 weeks. Due to this, the returns on the investments would be quick.
  • There is no need for high initial investment. These farms can be started small and depending on the demand, these can be expanded further.
  • Broilers have a very good feed conversion efficiency. Broilers gain good weight with a very less feed which is advantageous in terms of costs of feed.
  • As there is a great demand for poultry meat in the market, there is no chance of losses in this business.

Disadvantages of Broiler farming:

  • Broilers are usually reared in cages which causes them cage weakness and suffocation due to lack of air.
  • Broilers have more chances of occurrence of diseases like fatty liver syndrome, leg problems, etc.
  • As these birds are raised in cages, they will be prone to diseases and flu easily.
Poultry Farming.

Poultry Farming.

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