What are the advantages and disadvantages of Chinese hatchery?



#1. This method of hatchery ensures a higher hatching success (approximately 98%). This is because clean water replacement is possible.

#2. Water flow and temperature can be maintained during hatching.

#3. The Chinese hatchery can be directly connected to the breeding pool on one hand and nursery pond on the other. This ensures less damage of fertilised eggs and spawns at the time of transfer.

#4. It has a minimal labour cost.

#5. Large quantity of eggs can be accumulated.


#1. As there will be an absence of proper spawnery, complete removal of shells, unhatched eggs , dead spawns and larvae are not possible.

#2. The initial cost of setting up a Chinese hatchery is high.

#3. There should be a perfect technical application while fitting pipes and deciding the direction and the amount of water flow.

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