What are the advantages of organic farming?


Advanatges of Organic Farming:

  • Instead of the area which is filled with chemicals and fertilizers, the natural environment is used for organic farming. This improves the production of the crops naturally.
  • Synthetic fertilizers are replaced with carbon-based fertilizers in organic farming.
  • Multiple crops can be raised at a single place in organic farming which cannot be done in the conventional method of farming. This can also be called crop diversity.
  • Methods like green manure and composting are used in organic farming. These methods will replace the nutrients which are taken from the soil by the crops which are grown previously in that specific area.
  • Global warming can be controlled by maximizing organic farming across the world.
  • The pollution of groundwater which is being caused by the usage of pesticides can be decreased.
  • The food which is produced by the organic farming method is nutritional as well as chemical free.
  • The plants which are grown by using the method of organic farming have the metabolic integrity which is higher when compared to the plants which are grown by using conventional methods. Due to this, the foods grown organically can be preserved for a longer time and does not get mouldy or rotted quickly.
  • The organic farms are also resistant to droughts when compared to the conventional farms due to the organic nutrients present in the soil which are not easily soluble like the chemical pesticides.
Organic Farming Advantages.

Organic Farming Advantages.

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