What are the benefits of Hydroponic culture?

  1. There is no requirement of soil and because of this, there would be no limitation for crops due to soil erosion or disease.
  2. Recycling of water can be done which would be advantageous in the areas prone to drought.
  3. Nutrition will not be wasted due to water runoff, which will in turn lead to eutrophication.
  4. There would be good and stable yields as plants do not spend much energy to find nutrients in the soil. This energy will be used in the growth of the plant. In soil, planting, usually plants compete with weeds to get food and water, but in the hydroponic culture proper nutrients are passed directly to the roots.
  5. There will be less chance of occurrence of soil-borne diseases due to lack of soil.
  6. Intensive works such as Tillage, cultivation, solarization, irrigation are not necessary as the soil is not present in this method. In the advanced hydroponic systems, it is automated by using pumps or even computers, which are drastically reducing the costs.
  7. The hydroponic system which is simplified is very easy to understand and no prior knowledge is required to acquire the best results by using it.
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