What are the challenges of starting a Dairy Farming Business?

  • The first challenge would be marketing your milk or dairy products because dairy products are more likely produced in the rural areas and the dairy processing companies are located in urban areas.
  • The period of maturity for the cows to start producing milk takes time. This again leads to tight profit margin.
  • It is very tough to start a dairy business in an urban locality because of the high cost of land.
  • You should have an intensive and extensive knowledge of the business.
  • Quality of milk, which is produced will also be a challenge.
  • There would be difficulty in increasing the scale of operation.
  • Maintaining high production efficiency.
  • Dairy farming business is labour or management intensive
  • Weather or climatic conditions are also a challenge for this business
  • It is capital intensive.
  • There is a chance of an outbreak of diseases.
Dairy Farm Challenges.

Dairy Farm Challenges.

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