What are the Infrastructure and Manpower Requirements for Dairy Farming in India?

  • Space which is required per animal is 40sq.ft in shed and 80sq.ft in an open space.
  • You will need one room 10” x 10” for keeping implements.
  • Another room with dimensions 10”x 12” for storage of milk is required.
  • You need to construct an office room and living room of suitable size.
  • Water tank which is capable of storing a minimum 2000 litres is a must.
  • Bore well, which can fill the entire water tank in an hour.
  • The total requirement of land for approximately 20 animals will be 3000 sq.ft.

In that land itself, space for expansion should be given. Space which is required for 100 animals is 13,000 to 15,000sq.ft (120″ x 125”). For 20 animals initially, you can make arrangements for getting a supply of 300kg of Lucerne and 400kg of maize fodder per day. However, in the long run, as the strength of your farm increases to 100 animals, it would be better for you to go for a leased land with an area of 15 to 20 acres with irrigation facility to cultivate green fodder for your animals. For every five animals, there should be one acre of green fodder cultivation.

  • The economics of animal management in dairy is dependent upon its economic feeding. By making fodder’s like Lucerne or Berseem available for your animals you can reduce the cost of feeding concentrate feed.

The strength of the laborers in your farm should vary with the number of animals. The actual rule is that one labour for every 10 animals on milk or 20 dry animals or 20 young stock.

Dairy Farming Requirement.

Dairy Farming Requirement.

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