What are the nutrients which are required for plant growth in hydroponic systems?


Plants require different types of nutrients in different amounts throughout their life cycle. The nutrients which are mostly required by the plants are called as Macro Nutrients and the nutrients which are required in lesser amount are called as Micronutrients.
N-P-K stands for Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium. These are the three macro nutrients out of the six that are required by plants to survive. The other three macro nutrients are Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen which are provided by air and water. Though the hydroponic nutrients contain the micro nutrients, their major focus would be on the macro nutrients. If the n-p-k ratio of a hydroponic nutrient is 7-9-5, it means that the hydroponic nutrient solution contains 7% of Nitrogen, 9% of Phosphorous, 5% of Potassium. The remaining solution will be made up of micro nutrients.

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