What are the ways to save the Hydroponic Garden from spider mites?


The first thing you need to check after noticing the spider mites is how much they have infested your hydroponic garden. If you found only few mites, then you can simply remove the infected plant from the garden and this solves the issue. If you have larger infestation, you need to take other measures.

#1. For small infestation, soapy spray is the one which you need to get rid of spider mites from your garden. You can mix it manually or buy an insect killing soap which is already prepared.

#2. Neem oil is another organic option considering the plant’s safety. You can mix the neem oil with water and use it as a foliar spray.

#3. For larger infestations, you may have to use Azamax. The active ingredient of azamax is a single compound which is also derived from the neem tree. It works even better when used along with neem oil. This one is also a foliar spray which has to be mixed with water before spraying.

#4. A few spider mites may also help your garden. You can introduce predatory mites or other predatory bugs like ladybugs to your garden which will eventually get the hydroponic garden rid of spider mites.

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