What is Quail Bird farming?

  • Quail is a very small bird which is very popular for its eggs and meat. Quail farming has been becoming popular these days because of the rising popularity of this bird meat.
  • To raise a quail, the investment would be less when compared to the investment one needs to put on other poultry and even the maintenance of quails costs less.
  • Quails are the birds which can be marketed within four to five weeks of rearing.
  • Moreover, to rear or grow these birds, very less space is required and they lay about approximately 280 eggs per year. The most important point here is that they start laying eggs at six weeks of age.
  • There are few disadvantages for quail rearing too. The male quails produce a sound which is considered to be harmful to the human ear.
  • When male quails and female quails are reared together, then the male quails would peck their eyes making them blind. So before raising quails which are protected species, the poultry farmers need to get permission from the Department of Animal Husbandry.
Quail Farming.

Quail Farming.

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