What is RAS fish farming?


#1. Recirculation Aquaculture Systems(RAS) is a unique way of fish farming. It is different from the traditional way of fish farming which includes growing fish in outdoors like open ponds. RAS is the system which rears the fishes in high densities, in indoor tanks within an environment which is controlled.

#2. In RAS system, fresh water is used only to add it to tanks for splash out and evaporation. Thus is also used to flush out waste materials.

#3. Fish which are grown using RAS system must be supplied with all the necessary things to remain healthy. They need clean water continuously supplied at a specific temperature and dissolved oxygen content that would be suitable for their growth. A biofilter system should be used to purify the water and remove the detoxifies harmful waste products and uneaten feed. The fish which are grown in this RAS system must be fed with a nutritionally good feed on a daily basis to ensure fast growth and high survival.

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