What is the eligibility to apply for NABARD subsidy?


Who is eligible? Well, the following people and association of people are eligible for receiving the NABARD Dairy Farming Subsidy:

  • Farmers
  • Individual Entrepreneurs
  • NGO’s
  • Companies
  • Groups of unorganized and organized sector etc.
  • Groups of the organized sector include Self Help Groups, Dairy Cooperative Societies, Milk Unions, and Milk Federations, etc.

However, an individual will can avail the dairy subsidy for all the components under the scheme, but it can be done only once for each component. But, if more than one person from a family wants to avail the dairy farming subsidy, then they need to set up separate units with separate infrastructure in different locations. The distance between the boundaries of any two farms from the same family should be at least 500 meters.

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