Why is it important to have grow tents in Indoor Hydroponic Gardening?


#1. Indoor gardens usually lack containment and lose a lot of light when compared to enclosed garden. Grow tents contain a liner which reflects the light rays back to your garden that would have otherwise been lost. This light again, bounces back through the grow tent from reaching the plant area that might not have otherwise received them.

#2. Grow tent keeps the pests away from entering into the garden. A garden which is growing healthy is a utopia for pests and once they enter, their number starts increasing. This may also result in the death of your garden because these pests when increased in number would damage the plants and decrease their immunity making them easily prone to diseases. By using a grow tent, you can keep pests away from the indoor hydroponic garden.

#3. Grow tents also help you to control the environment in the hydroponic garden as environmental factors have a major impact on plants. Temperature and humidity both have an effect on plant health, growth and production. A temperature which is too hot or too cold results in slow growth of the plants by increasing the chances of disease. If there is too much humidity, there may be a chance to growth of mold, bacteria which leads to suffocation of plants.

#4. The environment in which you are growing the plants indoor should be very similar to the ones which are growing outdoors. This would be very tough for the hobby hydroponic gardening. But with grow tent, this would be possible. By enclosing your garden in a grow tent, you can create a small area which is both easier to maintain and cheaper to control.

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